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A Wise Township man has been accused of cruelly treating dogs he raised after police discovered his puppy mill while investigating allegations he forcibly touched a woman. He was charged in both cases on Friday.

Jeremy James Shea, 48, was charged on Friday with one count of cruelty to more than 25 animals, a seven-year felony and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, this which adds two years to the sentence imposed for the underlying crime. He was separately charged with criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree, a two-year misdemeanor in the High Court.

A deputy with the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office discovered poorly groomed dogs on Shea’s property in the 7000 block of East Grass Lake Road on Wednesday. The deputy was looking to question Shea about a May 7 incident in which he was accused of attempting to undress a woman while wrestling with her.

While there, the deputy noticed a large number of dogs that appeared to have been neglected or abused.

The deputy returned with animal control officers from Isabella and Gratiot counties and rescued 30 dogs and a goat. The animals were taken to the Isabella County Animal Shelter. The animals have been described as unaccustomed to humans but also non-aggressive.

Of the 30, 22 were women. It is believed that they were used to raise puppies for hunting dogs and to watch over livestock. Shea’s operation had long been known in the animal rescue community, but the presence of cattle dogs – mostly Great Pyrenees – came as a surprise. Shea had advertised hunting dogs via Facebook ads.

The influx pushed the animal shelter over capacity, which was partially mitigated by the influx of adoptable dogs from animal shelters in Midland and Clare counties. It is currently unknown whether Shea waived her animal rights during her arraignment, which is necessary for the Humane Animal Treatment Society – which is contracted by Isabella County to run the animal shelter – can start finding other locations for the animals. to rehabilitate.

The woman who accused Shea of ​​assaulting her – fourth-degree CSC involves touching but not penetrating – said he tried to strip her of her clothes and that in a police interview on 17 June, Shea had told him that he treated women like meat and took what he wanted from them. She said he told her he had done it before.

She said she repeatedly told him no and was finally able to fight him off by pulling out a knife and slashing him. She told officers that Shea tried to stop her from leaving by standing in front of her vehicle and only moving when she moved forward.

When police first spoke to Shea on June 22, he told her nothing had happened and that something was wrong with the woman.

A hearing is scheduled for July 21 to determine whether there is enough evidence to send the cases to trial.

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