We’re tracking down Raoul from the Irn Bru commercials to see if he’d be ready for a comeback

“Yoohoo !! Laaaadies! Watch Raoul bounce up and down!”

It may be over 15 years since the Latin lothario appeared on our TVs in these hilarious Irn-Bru commercials, but ask anyone of a certain age and they will remember his failed attempts at seduction. .

Whether he “jumps up and down” on a diving board in his parakeet smugglers or that he gets badly injured in the bowels of the dance floor of the nightclub, Raoul made us laugh.

And so we set out to hunt down the smoothie and find out what he’s doing today – and more importantly, if he’s still unlucky with a winch.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we found it!

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It turns out that Raoul, whose real name is Gary Naidoo, is not originally from Spain or Latin America at all but rather from Cape Town in South Africa, where he works as a television actor and theater, performer and singer – and even released a Christmas album!

Despite the passage of time, the 44-year-old remembers his appearance in Scottish commercials fondly, saying it was one of the best things he has ever done. Although he was filmed in his native South Africa, the success of these funny Irn-Bru took him to Scotland, to promote the country’s favorite soft drink – and, as you can imagine, he has been assaulted in all the supermarkets and shopping centers he visited.

He said Glasgow Live: “It was by far one of the best experiences of my life. The first commercial was actually shot in a convent around the pool on the property, so it was pretty hilarious having to strut around in a skinny speedo while a few nuns had a little laugh.

Actor, performer and singer Gary Naidoo who played the role of Raoul in the Irn-Bru commercials.

“I never thought he would gain such popularity and that a second advertisement would take me to Scotland! What a ride.

“I heard from my sister, who was in London at the time, that it had gone viral in Europe but unfortunately not here in South Africa. Very few people saw the ads here – so I was absolutely stunned when I landed in Scotland and experienced its popularity firsthand. “

A glance at Scottish Twitter suggests that there are plenty of Scots who haven’t forgotten Raoul and his antics, with some even calling on Irn-Bru to hand over his ads.

And Gary isn’t too shocked at his enduring fame.

He said: “I wouldn’t be surprised at all because it was just so memorable for me. It’s amazing that people still remember and quote lines from the ad. I feel good I left one behind. impression – even simplistic.

“I love playing characters who make people laugh and forget their woes for a moment.”

Gary revealed he got lucky when he caught the role of Raoul, after Spanish actor Barr’s initially hired the refusal to do a stunt.

When asked how he landed the iconic role, he explained, “Shoo. It’s a long story. The application to audition for a role as Spanish Lothario was sent to me and I have thought this one was perfect for me.

“So I rented any movie starring Antonio Banderas and worked on the few lines mimicking his accent as closely as I could. On the day of the audition I sprayed myself with about a half. bottle of baby oil and entered the cast.

“Finally, I was contacted by my agent telling me that I was only a second option and that a real Spaniard would be flown in to play the role. I thought that was the end of the saga but after being flown to South Africa, he saw the stunt he needed to perform, refused and was repatriated to Spain.

Gary Naidoo
Gary dressed up as a pirate for a production in his native South Africa.

“I was contacted and I didn’t hesitate to say yes, without even knowing what the stunt was to start with. It was the best blind decision I have ever made.”

Of course, that’s the million dollar question: despite all the years that have passed, would Gary be willing to grease his hair, break up baby oil, and pee a red swimsuit again?

“I’m going to make a sandwich. YEEEES !!!? Of course I will,” he replied.

You heard it first here, in Scotland. RUN IT BACK IRN-BRU, nations need to see Raoul on our TVs again – you know it makes sense!

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