So far, BTS has made a shocking amount of money from ads in 2021

This year, many artists have attempted to recover from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Luckily for BTS, 2021 will be one of the group’s most successful years yet.

Financially, BTS members have also managed to add quite a bit of money to their bank accounts. A recent report revealed how much BTS has earned through advertising alone.

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BTS has been the king of advertising in recent years

Musicians like BTS can make a lot of money from album sales and concerts. Moreover, given their popularity, they are also paid quite generously to advertise brands. After all, it’s well known that anything BTS members touch can sell out quickly or become in high demand.

A partnership with BTS has become attractive to many renowned companies. In recent years, the group has worked with brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Fila, Louis Vuitton and Baskin Robbins.

However, working with BTS doesn’t come cheap. According to The Korea Times, companies often pay BTS $ 2.69-4.48 million for domestic ads alone.

How much money did BTS make from ads in 2021?

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In 2021 alone, BTS ran commercials for Fila, Samsung, Hyundai, and a Korean beer brand called Kloud.

Perhaps their most popular deal has been with McDonald’s. In the spring and summer, BTS teamed up with the fast food giant to launch a limited edition “BTS Meal”. Fans around the world flocked to McDonald’s to purchase the meal, with some even selling its special sauce on eBay.

It has been reported that BTS made $ 8.89 million from the McDonald’s partnership alone.

that of South Korea Weekly Live Entertainment show recently shared that by combining the McDonald’s partnership with other commercials made by BTS, the group has raised around $ 55 million. BTS is also the celebrity who has made the most money from advertising in South Korea.

BTS makes a lot of money for South Korea

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However, BTS doesn’t just make pocket money. The group also generates a lot of wealth for South Korea.

Thanks to BTS, many people around the world are interested in South Korean culture and language, which means that they attract tourists to this East Asian country.

Business Insider reported in 2019, “An estimated 800,000 tourists have chosen South Korea as their travel destination because of BTS. Their popularity has also boosted the appeal of South Korean products, such as clothing, cosmetics, and food. EBay in particular has seen an increase in merchandise sales thanks to BTS. EBay Korea said in April 2019 that sales had increased by more than 50% from the previous April.

In fact, in 2018, BTS-generated revenue totaled over $ 4.5 billion, according to Statista. That’s about 0.3 percent of South Korea’s GDP that year, putting BTS in the “same league as Samsung and Hyundai”.

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