Penzeys Spices calls Republicans ‘racist’ in email to customers

Penzeys Spices, a Wauwatosa-based national company, calls Republicans “racists.”

In a Friday, Jan. 14, morning email from the company to customers, the subject line read, “Republicans are weekend racists.”

In the email, CEO Bill Penzey addresses Republicans: “If you are a Republican voter, you are now kicked out. You were promised there would never be accountability for your support of the open textbook racism. Sorry, but for the betterment of all Americans, including you, we’ve decided to end this rule. And I really don’t care what race you are or how many of your friends “happen to be “Whatever. None of this excuses you.”

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This isn’t the first time Penzey has launched attacks on the GOP or made comments infuriating readers.

In 2014, Penzey wrote that Waukesha County residents had “fleed west” to escape diversity in Milwaukee. In 2016 he accused Donald Trump supporters of committing “racism” by voting for Trump.

In a Facebook post titled “Food trumps racism,” Penzey wrote of the Republicans, “You really are a great bunch, but you just committed the greatest act of racism in American history since that Wallace stood at the school gate 53 years ago. . Take ownership of what you have done and begin the path forward. »

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“He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know anyone I know who bought him,” Robin Moore, a Waukesha County Republican, said at the time, “but we’re racist because we chose to vote for a person that in this country we have every right to do?”

Penzeys Spices spent nearly $100,000 on Facebook ads in 2019 calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Black Republicans again challenge Penzey’s rhetoric.

“Penzey’s been grabbing terrible political takes and low slurs for a decade, so journalists will give them free media. Are these lies news?” asked State Sen. Julian Bradley (R-Franklin).

Bill Penzey and Penzeys Spices did not respond to FOX6 News requests for comment.

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