Job posting for preschool worker praised for hilarious and honest demands

Jordan Jackson, the owner of Ladybridge Preschool in Bolton, posted a job posting telling applicants they should be fine quitting work every day “with unknown substances on your clothes”

Kindergarten owner Jordan Jackson (middle) with colleagues Emma Taylor (left) and Sarah McMyler

One nursery school was praised for its super honest job posting exposing the everyday realities of working with young children – before adding: “It is totally worth it.”

Bolton-based Ladybridge Preschool posted on social media to say she was on the hunt for a new recruit who could turn into a Disney princess and be able to chant out of tune in front of “a crowd of tiny humans.”

Other requirements for the job, which involves caring for children between the ages of two and five, include “keeping your eyes on the back of your head” and giving big, warm hugs whenever needed.

The viral ad reads: “You need to be comfortable entering public places on your way home from work with unknown substances on your clothes.

The job offer was greeted on social networks


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“You must have the ability to read a storybook backwards, with at least five interruptions per page.

“And finally, you have to be prepared to engage in lots of fun activities and be prepared to get dirty. Your hair and nails will be difficult to maintain, but it is well worth it!”

Kindergarten owner Jordan Jackson decided to have fun with the job description and the honest ad seems to have worked perfectly as she says they have been inundated with applicants applying for the job.

The 30-year-old said: “I was surprised by the reaction online. We were inundated with applications which is great.

“The way we broadcast it inspired people. It inspired people to apply and I would love for other incubators to advertise in the same way.

“I hope this inspires them. We had so many applicants and it worked.”

She added, “I was hoping to attract someone with a good heart with a sense of humor. You must have that.

“Our staff are all like that. They are energetic, bubbly, very outgoing. We try to make the setting a home away from home – as happy as possible.

“[The post] shows them through the child’s eyes and what they see. We are extremely led by children. “

Jordan said the kids’ favorite activity was finding mini beasts hidden in shaving foam, and that they also had an earthen kitchen and an annual painting day, which meant students and staff can get “really messy”.

The owner was inspired for the job posting from a similar ad written by Moorland Day Nursery in Bolton, and it was all the rage online.

One person replied, “This is the best job offer ever”, and another wrote: “Perfect!

And another added: “Kudos to whoever wrote this ad – it’s fabulous.”

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