Digital Laura Anderson LLC Highlights Critical Importance of Scaling Facebook / Instagram Ads and Email Marketing

Focusing on these key areas can increase a brand’s total revenue by 40%, despite the challenges associated with iOS 14.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, Nov 10, 2021 / – Digital Laura Anderson LLC is taking bold action to educate businesses on the critical importance of scaling their Facebook / Instagram ads and their email marketing campaigns.

Digital Laura Anderson LLC was founded by Laura Anderson, a successful Facebook and Instagram marketer based in Miami, Florida. The company specializes in e-commerce, scaling brands’ Facebook / Instagram ads and optimizing their email marketing. In addition, the company offers professional content creation tailored to the needs of each client.

In the latest company news, Digital Laura Anderson LLC sends a message to businesses across the United States: Scaling up Facebook / Instagram ads and increasing email marketing campaigns is critical to growth and development. According to Laura herself, by doing so, companies can increase their brand’s total revenue by 40% using her tailor-made strategies, even despite the challenges associated with iOS 14.

“With my extensive experience in the marketing industry, combined with proven methods, I am able to determine what is missing from a brand’s digital presence, formulate a personalized strategic advertising plan with Facebook advertising funnels and a email marketing to drive long, long-term results, “says Laura.” Navigating iOS 14 in particular has been a challenge for many companies and I have been able to successfully scale all of my clients despite those challenges. “

“Agencies are kind of a plug and play deal, they put all of their clients in the same advertising model, and they pay no attention to specific brand details and test things specific to them individually,” Laura continues. “With me, I know that no two brands are the same and what can work for one brand won’t necessarily work for another. All of my clients have custom strategies specific to them, which allows me to tailor them to their highest ROA.

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About Digital Laura Anderson LLC

Digital Laura Anderson LLC was founded in 2015 by Laura Anderson, a marketing expert with over 10 years of industry experience. With her experience and knowledge of the basics of Facebook marketing, Laura has helped multi-million dollar clients evolve their ads, as well as optimize their email management to get the most out of their marketing. digital. Laura works with a team of dedicated professionals who ensure that each client’s needs are met.

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