AMAC warns against collecting advertising revenue on mobile

The Abuja City Council (AMAC) has warned Agate Integrated Services Ltd to stop portraying itself as a technical partner in generating revenue from the council on mobile advertising rates.

AMAC’s Director of Administration, Alhaji Yahaya Kana, issued the warning in a letter to the CEO of Agate Integrated Services, dated December 16, 2021 obtained by reporters over the weekend in Abuja.

Kana explained that collecting mobile ad revenue was outside the company’s mandate.

The director said if the company continued to collect mobile ad revenue, AMAC would not hesitate to disengage it immediately.

“It’s a breach of your commitments. Please be guided accordingly in the conduct of your business.

“Following your response to the request addressed to your company by AMAC on the collection of mobile advertising rates from AMAC residents, I am invited to inform you that your company’s commitment to help generate income is limited to daily ticketing only, not mobile advertising.

“Therefore, your company is hereby cautioned to no longer represent itself as a technical partner to help generate revenue from mobile advertising,” the statement said.

Company leadership was not immediately available as at the time of going to press to respond to the AMAC letter.

Husseini Yahaya

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