The value of the minimum wage was the last time, again, updated on January 1, 2019. The amount of both the minimum wage and the minimum hourly wage has changed. This is another increase in recent years, and this is not the end – in the next year the amount of the minimum wage is expected to increase again, although the change is to be smaller than originally expected.

Minimum wage is another issue of the labor market, following the national average , which ignites many Poles to redness. It arouses not so much the same as more controversy and lively discussions. The aspect of its reasonableness is usually questioned by theoreticians in the field of politics and economics, considering it an unnecessary state regulation. Employees, in turn, mostly from the low-income sector, of course, readily comment on the topic of its height, its growth rate and, finally, the role it is to play. According to some, the minimum wage is to be the threshold of the so-called worthy pay. Others, in turn, speak directly – it is a muzzle founded on dishonest employers, which is too loosely attached anyway.

What was the question of the minimum wage in Poland in the 21st century? Consistently, from 2000 onwards, every year (except 2002) changes. In this way, in 19 years the minimum gross salary increased by PLN 1,550, from PLN 700 at the initial, to PLN 2,250 in 2019.

Here’s how the minimum wage was shaped in detail:



  • 2000 – 700 PLN
  • 2001 – PLN 760
  • 2002 – no changes
  • 2003 – PLN 800
  • 2004 – PLN 824
  • 2005 – PLN 849
  • 2006 – PLN 899
  • 2007 – 936 zlotys
  • 2008 – PLN 1126
  • 2009 – PLN 1276
  • 2010 – 1317 zlotys
  • 2011 – PLN 1386
  • 2012 – PLN 1,500
  • 2013 – PLN 1600
  • 2014 – PLN 1680
  • 2015 – PLN 1750
  • 2016 – 1850 zlotys
  • 2017 – 2000 zlotys
  • 2018 – 2100 zlotys
  • 2019 – PLN 2250

As you can see, in 2018 the value of the minimum wage for the first time exceeded the threshold of PLN 2,000. Currently, in 2019, the minimum wage is already PLN 2,250 gross, although one should not forget that in value on hand, however, it is still not much more than PLN 1.6 thousand.


Here’s how the current minimum wage is shaped in detail:



Current value of the minimum full-time salary on the employment contract:

  • PLN 2250 gross / PLN 1634 net

Current value of the minimum half-time salary on the employment contract:

  • 1125 PLN gross / 817 PLN net

Current value of the minimum hourly rate on the contract-order or contract for the work:

  • PLN 14.70 gross per hour

In the case of the minimum wage, it increased by 150 PLN against 2018, while the minimum gross hourly rate increased by PLN 1.


Minimum wage – what you should know about it


Minimum wage - what you should know about it

Changes in the minimum wage.

  • Similarly to the recent years, also in the near future the minimum rate is to grow steadily, at least according to the declaration of the current ruling camp.
  • At the time of updating this text is the beginning of February 2019, therefore there is no information about potential changes in the minimum wage and hourly rate for 2020 yet. These data will be known in the coming months.


  • According to the Central Statistical Office of 2018, approximately 1.5 million Poles receive remuneration in a similar value to the minimum. In percentage terms, it is 13% of total employment in the labor market. Precise data are of course not possible to draw up, due to the existence of so-called gray zone. According to current findings, the wage disproportion may be the highest there, reaching far below the legally set minimum wage.

Minimum wage – the popularity of its collection and statistics against the background of Europe

Minimum wage - the popularity of its collection and statistics against the background of Europe

How does the Polish labor market compare with the minimum wage compared to the rest of the European countries?

The percentage of employees receiving minimum wages in Poland was one year after joining the European Union (in 2005) 4.5% of the total. Against the background of Europe, according to Eurostat data, we qualified at half the rate – in Spain this percentage is 0.77%, in Great Britain 1.80%, in the Netherlands 2.07%, and for a change – in Luxembourg 11%, in France 15.60%, and in the case of an infamous record holder, Bulgaria – 16%.

The ratio of the minimum wage to the national average wage is, in turn, in Poland, in surveys from 2015, 45.5%. Against the background of selected countries, we present itself as follows: in Spain it is 36%, in Great Britain 40.9%, in Germany 42%, and for a change – in France 46.6%, in Luxembourg 50.3%, and in Greece – a record Union, 56.4%.

Minimum wage and allowances

Minimum wage and allowances

It is worth noting that in 2019, in addition to the increase in the minimum wage, the minimum value of many benefits available to employees in certain cases also increased.

  • Sickness benefit – after recent changes, its basis is now PLN 2,250.
  • Compensation for mobbing – in the event of payment of this benefit by a court judgment, the victim receives a value equal to the minimum wage, which is interesting, in the gross amount – PLN 2250.
  • The allowance for work at night – the bonus is attached to each hour of work at night and equals 20% of the hourly rate. The exact amount of the allowance is calculated by dividing the minimum wage by the monthly hours (eg 2250: 120 h).
  • Salary for work and downtime – here we are talking about situations when we put ourselves on time to work and we are ready to perform our duties, but it is not possible due to the employer’s fault. For the time when the downtime occurred, the employee is entitled to a remuneration adequate to the time it lasted. The amount depends on the hourly rate or fixed monthly salary. If the issue of downtime at the occasion of discussing working conditions is not established, the employee is entitled to 60% of remuneration. Of course, it can not be lower than the minimum wage for a full-time employee.
  • Briefing for group dismissal – here, in comparison to other benefits, there is an amount from a completely different story. Everyone who is covered by the collective redundancy receives 15 times the minimum wage, which is currently equal to PLN 33 750.

What other additions are added to the payment in certain cases?

What other additions are added to the payment in certain cases?

  • Extras – for seniority, exceptional achievements, for completing a given task, etc.
  • Regulations awards and bonuses
  • Salary for holiday leave

What is the cost of hiring an employee in 2019 with the minimum wage?

What is the cost of hiring an employee in 2019 with the minimum wage?

With a minimum salary of PLN 2250, the employer is obliged to pay the following contributions to the employment contract.

  • Pension – PLN 219.60.
  • Rentowa – 33.75 PLN.
  • Chorobowa – PLN 55.13.
  • Healthcare – PLN 174.74.
  • Advance payment – PLN 133.


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